The Compass Dinner is an invite-only event that brings together top leaders across a multitude of sectors and industries to debate and discuss topics important to Canadians.

Guests enjoying dinner at a long table set in Barberian's impressive wine cellar.

This event is the brain child of Toronto entrepreneurs Dan Jacob (Breather, TEDx Toronto) and Jon Dwyer (Aereus Technologies), aimed to reignite the art of conversation among leaders in our community, engaging them in purposeful debate and discussion on topics that matter to Canadians. While communication on social media and online channels has its role, it has also resulted in the deterioration of purposeful conversation. The Compass Dinner aims to change that.

Guests at the table engaging in the evening discussion during the Compass Dinner.

Started in November 2014, the Compass Dinner has been held on quarterly basis, and covered a variety of hot-button topics. Topics have included Mental Health & Addiction, Technology & the City, and the Pan Am Games. Each dinner has brought out some of the most thoughtful and influential leaders to engage in lively discussion and debate on each topic.


Barberian's Steak House logo

In order to inspire a high level of debate and discussion, a high level of food and drink is required. The Compass Dinner is pleased to have partnered with Barberian’s Steak House—consistently rated as one of Toronto’s top restaurants—who have hosted this intimate event in their exclusive wine cellar since 2014.

Looking down on guests at the long table in the wine cellar during the Compass Dinner.


Curated audience

The event is invite-only. All participants are individually selected by event organizers to represent a diverse range of opinions and stakeholder interests related to each dinner's topic.

Intimate atmosphere

Fewer than 40 guests. This allows the group to fit around one (albeit big) table and for a level of intimate discussion and candour to take place.

Distraction-free setting

Phones must be 'checked' on arrival. Upon checking their device, each participant will be given their compass, which they will use symbolically to navigate the evening's topic—and which they keep at the end of the evening.

A beautiful engraved compass, commemorative symbol of the evening's guided discussion.

50% debate on hot-button issue

Each debate will start with the moderators asking a question to the dinner's “Navigators”. Navigators are pre-selected individuals invited to initially field the mini-debate question(s) and partake in the roundtable discussion.

50% moderated roundtable discussion

Following the initial debate, the floor is opened up for a moderated roundtable discussion lead by the event organizers. To achieve a deeper level of discourse and candour, dinner participants may be called upon at any point to offer their insight and expertise.

Invited guests discussing important issues during the Compass Dinner.


FCB Canada is the presenting sponsor for the 2018 Compass Dinner series.

As a communication agency, we at FCB Canada believe that changing attitudes can be helpful, but changing behaviour has to be the end goal. We believe asking what appears to be a simple question makes a remarkable difference.

We are a group of diverse storytellers, strategists, business leaders, technologists and project managers with the right mix of youth, entrepreneurial spirit and hunger. But we think and act like a start-up. And when groups of people from different backgrounds come together to solve challenges, exciting, powerfully creative solutions tend to happen.

So, what behaviour do you want to change today?

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